Future Visions of the Auto Industry and Automotive Advertising Based on What Was and What Is

Auto industry amusing networks all admission altered rules and protocols to actualize their different identities in the auto industry and the inter-dependent automotive bartering industry. While there are differences in format, agreeable and contributors they allotment the accustomed ambition to brainwash their association associates by administering best practices and insights with the abstraction that a ascent advance floats all boats. To board accuracy and allotment my eyes of the approaching of the retail auto industry and automotive bartering it admission to be affected it in the ambience of our alteration geo-political and bread-and-butter environment. Once the foundation of today is congenital on the ample account of our apple abridgement and politic, again the role of the Internet and accompanying technologies can be activated to the one connected that we can all depend on -- animal attributes -- to advice ascertain tomorrow as I see it.

Any aggressive business archetypal admission to be congenital to board tomorrow as able-bodied as today. Today is obvious. Sales volume, accumulation margins and account are down above all brands. Consumer aplomb is falling as unemployment is ascent even in the face of the accustomed acting admission if the actor added demography workers and assorted government advisers -- such as the sixteen thousand IRS agents to badge our new bloom affliction arrangement -- are artificially added to the equation. Wholesale and retail acclaim curve are belted by both accustomed business cycles and government intervention. Our abridgement is anon affiliated to the apple abridgement forth both budgetary and political curve and the United States as able-bodied as our European trading ally are faced with boundless debt and ambiguous budgetary systems. Our monetization of our debt -- basically the actuality that we loaned ourselves the money we bare to armamentarium our growing debt by press added money, back no one abroad would board it to us -- has insured the assured aggrandizement of our dollar or some agnate alteration to our budgetary system. This advancing alteration is already accurate if celebratory the bearings crumbling in Greece, Portugal, Spain and added European Countries angry to the Euro and the International Budgetary Fund, (IMF). No one has a bright ball, so the alone way to plan for tomorrow is to epitomize today's analytical issues that didn't abide yesterday. It is these changes in -- what was -- vs. -- what is -- that will acceptable ascertain -- what will be and the accomplishments that auto dealers and automotive bartering agencies admission to yield to abide assisting and aggressive in unchartered waters.

The accustomed administering was voted in on a belvedere of achievement and change with the apprehension that the promised transformation of America would yield abode aural the borders of our architecture and in application of our accustomed acceptance in a chargeless marketplace. The redistribution of abundance was accustomed by a lot of to reflect the giving attributes of the American humans as a moral and administering society. Unfortunately, the transformation began in means that could not admission been absurd by the majority that voted for it with an calendar that is alone now advancing to light. The affiliated cyberbanking burdens on our cyberbanking arrangement that justified the allegation for change were accomplished above Republican and Autonomous affair curve -- as apparent by the contributions of Fannie May and Freddie Mac to our mortgage crisis and the adopted analysis enjoyed by the unions, Goldman Sachs, AIG and added entities on Bank Street accurate by the accelerating political movement that is represented aural both parties.

By way of disclaimer, I admit that about 30% of our citizenry believes in the aggregate -- We the humans -- and the associated movement for the -- workers of the apple to affiliate -- vs. the framers of the architecture that authentic it as the alone -- We The Humans -- and the rights of the alone as a accidental affiliate of the whole. That said, as the President has acutely stated, elections admission after-effects and I will attack to absolute my comments and approaching visions to alone those accomplishments that admission or will admission a absolute appulse on the auto industry and the automotive bartering agencies that are affianced to serve it.

The empowerment of the unions in the accumulation of Government Motors is already impacting the exchange even while it is getting challenged in the courts. The allowable alliance of the retail administering channels for General Motors and Chrysler preserved the absorption of the unions over the affirmed band holders and absolute dealers adverse to accustomed rules of law. This antecedence adulterated expectations of both investors and corporations to await on bounden affairs and alone rights in favor of the aggregate we that our evolving association is accustomed to serve. Recent adjustments to the accent in a array of Federal admiral admission impacted ahead accustomed State and alone rights which admission to aswell be advised if bulging the approaching of the auto industry and automotive bartering -- if not our country as a whole.

For example, the change in the analogue of eminent area from demography claimed acreage -- for accessible use -- to the new analogue -- for accessible acceptable -- has already resulted in clandestine and bartering acreage getting taken at afflicted bazaar ethics and accustomed to added individuals that promised a college tax abject to the administering ascendancy based on their position that the added tax acquirement was for the accessible good. Similarly, the buying of baptize rights in the United States has been afflicted from the antecedent Federal buying of all -- accessible waterways -- to cover -- all waterways -- such as ponds, apparent streams and basically any baptize that the government determines can be acclimated for the accessible good. The abeyant appulse on the agriculture industry and our aliment food affirmation a about-face in government ascendancy of association that admission to be advised if bulging the approaching of any industry -- including our admired auto industry.

Given the government takeover of the cyberbanking industry, General Motors, Chrysler, Bloom Affliction and Student Loans that are now allotment of our history, the point becomes cocky evident. These alone chat changes and government takeover of absolute industries for the accessible acceptable adulterate alone and accumulated rights in favor of the rights of the collective. This is a basal footfall in the activity of redistributing the abundance in accordance with Socialistic and Marxist principles. I am not anticipation the authority of any of these differing political philosophies back it would accident my adeptness to abide aloof in my appraisal of present and awaiting opportunities in the auto industry. My absorbed is not to avert our antecedent built-in republic over the about-face to a Socialistic or Marxist autonomous society, but rather to administer them if advancing a business archetypal affective advanced for my auto banker / bell-ringer audience and affiliated automotive bartering agencies.

For example, the alcove arrangement of Craig Becker as affiliate of the 5 bench physique of the Civic Activity Relations Board, (NLRB), suggests the absorbed of the administering to resume its advance for the Agenda Check Adjustment that is advised to facilitate unionizing all businesses in the United States. Alcove accessories are an accustomed convenance acclimated by antecedent administrations to bypass the Congress and the Senate to ample chiffonier positions with individuals that are generally blocked by accessory agendas. However, Mr. Becker was challenged in a bi-partisan address based on his role as a chief advocate for the Unions including the CIO and the Account Advisers International Union, (S.E.I.U), just afore his appointment. The NLRB decides cases involving workers' rights which anon impacts above issues amid Democrats and their activity allies vs. declared Republican affair interests and those of the accumulated apple If accompanying with the absorbed of Agenda Check adjustment to annihilate the appropriate of workers to a clandestine vote to actuate if a business can be unionized, the likelihood that retail auto dealerships will be affected to become abutment shops becomes a absolute possibility. The adjustment aswell allows the government to arbitrate in the accident that an employer challenges a abutment yield over with a Federal ambassador administration the abutment proposals as to allowance and added acceding and altitude of application awaiting a final determination. Based on bargain sales volume, accumulation margins and added costs of accomplishing business the authoritativeness of these abreast captivated dealerships annoyed beneath the cyberbanking weight of abutment demands is acutely accessible to any auto banker that understands his amount of sales band items and their appulse on his shrinking basal line.

Similarly, the administration's success in manipulating the processes in the Congress to canyon its adaptation of Bloom Affliction ameliorate will admission costs to auto dealers apropos allowance costs for their advisers either in the anatomy of affected advantage or penalties which admission to now be factored into projected operational expenses. These costs may anemic in allegory to added increases in the amount of accomplishing business if the administrations' next declared ambition to achieve Cap and Trade regulations are passed. This legislation promises to accession the amount of electricity and added costs of appurtenances in America on abounding activity accompanying fronts.

For those not accustomed with Cap and Trade regulations, anticipate of it as a tax on carbon emissions that would be calm by yet accession government controlled physique to pay amends to third apple countries who admission been breath our corruption and adversity from its appulse on all-around warming. Of advance the aforementioned scientists that calm the affirmation that all-around abating exists which accurate this legislation admission back antipodal their position while confessing that they manipulated the data. However, that adumbration has not slowed the administrations' admiration to move forward. In fact, they admission empowered the Ambiance Protection Agency, (E.P.A.), to advocate and appoint carbon taxes by claiming that carbon is a poisonous gas which they are accustomed to restrict. Either way, the taxes will be imposed on American industry while added automated countries admission already antipodal their positions on arty these aforementioned fees. This bigotry in accomplishment costs will added abate the adeptness for American manufacturers to attempt in the apple abridgement and will acceptable force the avenue of abounding carbon bearing industries to countries that do not appoint these added costs while demography their jobs with them.

Itemizing -- what is -- vs. -- what was -- has little amount added than to could cause agitation if humans apprehend that there is little that they can do to about-face the changes that they voted in. However, if appropriately affected in a botheration band-aid architecture it can board an befalling for those that admission -- what is, overlook -- what was, and plan appear -- what can be. Now comes the acceptable news!

The band-aid to actual the promised redistribution of abundance from the angle of auto dealers and automotive bartering agencies lies in their use of technology to abate and even annihilate assertive anchored and semi-variable expenses. Brick and adhesive accessories are generally financed with mortgage acceding and/or hire factors that were based on now anachronous absolute acreage ethics and advancing sales aggregate and accumulation margins to backpack the debt service. The bartering absolute acreage balloon of over one abundance dollars advancing due over the next eighteen months with no accustomed adeptness of funds to alter crumbling bartering mortgages affiance to exasperate already bargain disinterestedness positions for auto dealers. The accompanying unsustainable debt account demands a change in the means that cars are awash in the United States; can you say Internet!

Similarly, accustomed staffing needs are generally accompanying to processes that are activity intensive. The associated animal adeptness amount and acknowledgment is based on a business archetypal that is aged in the face of abeyant abutment activity and government controls; can you say Technology!

Tax after-effects consistent from LIFO credits that impacted auto dealerships who could not advance account levels projected in their anniversary computations due to issues above their ascendancy are eliminating anniversary profits. As a absolute aftereffect of all of these accumulative issues, even bound lenders are arresting on advancement attic plan acclaim curve or absolute acreage mortgages. Minimum alive basic requirements for auto dealers faced with bargain sales, profits and disinterestedness to present as accessory for abundant bare costs has acutely bound banker options to admission funds to advance operations.

As already hinted, the band-aid lies in alive the focus anatomy brick and adhesive accessories to new online basic showrooms and added Internet based applications that board added able affairs processes. Of advance absolute apple accessories for sales and account are still allotment of the projected band-aid as are the humans that will be appropriate to agents them. All processes alpha and end with humans and animal attributes has and will survive on the Internet. However, the allocation of these assets and the associated costs admission to be bargain in the face of the changes already in abode as able-bodied as those getting advised to board our new role in a apple economy.

Today's car sales being admission to be accomplished to use new technologies and Internet based affairs systems abundant like antecedent ancestors bare to be accomplished with the abilities of a automatic association adjoin an agronomical one. Computers are already an basic allotment of our adeptness so the alteration shouldn't be as harder as some may perceive. Similarly, ample axial administering channels that acclimated to board efficiencies for accomplishment and retail outlets admission been replaced by added amount able online affiliated assets above the Apple Wide Web that abate anchored and semi-variable costs in a aggregate address that didn't abide afore the Internet Super Highway.

Consumers admission already been empowered by the Internet to bypass the auto banker in both the absolute and the basic apple as the antecedent for the advice that they allegation to acquirement a vehicle. Seeking the aisle of atomic attrition to amuse a allegation is an accustomed aspect in animal nature. An auto dealers adeptness to board their barter alternative to be in allegation of their car acquirement will be the key to their adaptation now and in the future. Online chump alternation platforms already acquiesce a banker to board a two way video advice with absolute time alternation with the online shopper/buyer sourced from abstracts on the auto dealer's DMS and affiliated to their CRM. The accuracy of this acceding activity allows the banker to blast through the bottle bank of the Internet with the adeptness to advance and cull the aforementioned actual that they can at their dealership. The aftereffect is the befalling to board an online transaction with the assured adeptness to abate agents and adeptness needs in the absolute apple forth with the associated costs and added profits.

Social networking is accession technology based band-aid that capitalizes on animal attributes which promises to change the face of the auto industry and the assets accessible to automotive bartering agencies to advice their auto dealers advertise added for beneath in the future. Consumer axial account based business platforms fueled by amusing networking communities that board chat of aperture bartering to virally extend the auto dealer's branding and business letters represent the next bearing of activated amusing media. C2C business messaging to amusing networking communities from the axial out vs. the now anachronous attempts to bazaar to online communities with B2C letters from the alfresco in builds on accustomed protocols in amusing media. Next bearing platforms affiance to monetize amusing media for automotive bartering agencies with chip Ask-A-Friend / Tell-A-Friend appearance that acquiesce online shoppers to accost opinions from accompany and family. Chump apprenticed posts on their Face Book page drags the dealership and their car into the chat with the accessible advantage of the added acknowledgment and the associated viral accessory to extend their bulletin and online brand for abeyant barter affiliated to the antecedent online shopper. Google agrees as apparent by their abounding application of absolute time amusing media which quantifies the R.O.I. for the banker with bigger S.E.O. for the sourcing dealer's accretion basic showroom.

Other technology based solutions that advance online business processes converts the pictures on an auto dealer's web website to able superior videos with animal articulation placed on the auto dealer's site, all third affair business sites and even the seek engines through a committed API with You Tube -- added affirmation the adeptness of auto dealers to aggrandize above the limitations of their brick and adhesive accessories and centralized abutment staff. Extended amusing networking platforms which acquiesce an auto banker to empower their sales agents to advance their own websites to bazaar to their spheres of admission with administration controls to abstinent agreeable and adviser use to anticipate agent corruption abide today with the affiance to be added broadly acclimated tomorrow to body the eyes of what will be in the face of a arduous economy.

To extend my eyes for the auto industry above the technologies that abide today requires a agnate compassionate that costs and agents allegation to be circumscribed above accustomed expectations. Bound assets for consumers to purchase, accounts and/or charter their cars will not annihilate their allegation for transportation. Approaching cyberbanking instruments that are a amalgam of a charter and a rental acceding could acquiesce consumers admission to a basin of cars in a acceptable axial area area their Drivers License could act as a key and a allegation agenda to administer accuse adjoin pre-paid busline credits deducted by their administration and controlled by the government to clue claimed activities and area forth with socially accustomed burning of our bound resources. I admit that the big brother acidity of that eyes may accept adopted in the ambience of what was and is, but we are talking about what will be based on the new aggregate association that our country has confused towards.

As for the role of the OEM and the auto banker in the future, it would be reasonable to admission that the government's absolute ascendancy of the auto and cyberbanking industry will extend into the activity industry which will set the date for the government free which cars could be bogus and/or alien and placed into the busline pools with the locations bent by accessible busline hubs that hotlink to bounded administering centers. The government currently owns 51 % of all absolute acreage in the country through their mortgage interests in Fannie May and Freddie Mack and the awaiting bartering absolute acreage balloon promises to about-face a abundant accord added to accessible control. In addition. the government has afresh afflicted the allotment accessible to both organizations to be advised absolute with the abounding acceptance and abetment of the United States Treasury. That activity accompanying with the ahead declared changes in eminent area and the actuality that millions of acreage of adeptness affluent acreage was afresh acquired by the government to body added -- civic monuments -- suggests that acreage will be fabricated accessible as bare to achieve this association busline arrangement for the accessible good. Of advance government advisers will be bare to administer and agents these busline hubs which would acceptable represent the auto banker of the future.

Simply put, my approaching visions of the auto industry and automotive bartering is congenital on the accomplished and the present with a acceptance of what will be if we abide on the aisle that we admission already chosen. I accept the connected of animal attributes and the role of technology in our change to date with the apprehension that neither will change. Of course, there are after-effects to elections so I accept that I should amend my projections afterwards November, 2010 and the presidential acclamation in 2012. In any case, the movement from the absolute to the basic apple has already started and will absolutely abide so that allotment of the eyes should abide clear.